PGA Inc.

PET – Polyethylene Teraphthalate








PVC - Poly Vinyl Chloride



 Engineering Grade Materials







PGA buys, sells, and processes a wide range of PET products including, but not limited to; clear and colored bottles/jars, preforms, baled post industrial bottles, and green strapping both ground and un-ground. We also have a wide variety of resins available from time to time.









PGA has a strong interest in all types of Polyethylene. We're activley pursuing PE in all shapes and sizes such as crates, totes, trays, pipes, bottles & films. In addition, PGA continuously buys and sells regrind, reprocessed pellets, and resin on the open market.










PGA buys and sells flexible, semi-rigid, & rigid PVC. The company has an extremely large appetite for semi-rigid roll scrap and flexible pool liner scrap, as well as, blisterpack & PVC bottles.








PGA buys, sells and grinds numerous Engineering Grade plastic materials with a large emphasis on PC. The Company also has an ongoing desire for PC/ABS, Nylon and Acrylic plastics.

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