PGA Inc.



PGA Incorporated, is a small woman owned business, that was founded in August of 2006, in White Haven, Pennsylvania.  The Company started in hopes of capitalizing on two ever growing global markets; packaging and recycling. Since the beginning, PGA believed the best way to provide our customers with quality service, was to continuously surround ourselves with the most talented individuals and simply get out of their way ...‚ÄúTalent Has No Limits!"


In late 2007, PGA shifted their focus to the recycling portion of the business and has grown tremendously as a result of those efforts.  The company has expanded from four employees in 2008 to twelve at the start of 2010. PGA has also increased its' processing/warehouse space from 3,500 square feet to almost 12,000 square feet during the same time period.  Initial plans and negotiating are underway , which will allow the company to continue its' rapid growth through expansion for years to come.


In addition to buying & selling most types of plastic surplus/scrap, PGA also provides the following services: 


1) Toll Grinding

2) Sorting

3) Roll Stock Processing

4) Baling

5) Trailer Spotting

6) Waste Consolidation

7) Toll Processing


In short, PGA has grown into a full service Recycling Company that has itself positioned for continuous growth.


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